How to Play

  • Click on Play Now.
  • Log in With Your Nickname.
  • Right Click Message a Rank.
  • Ask for Location and Deposit your GP.
  • Start Playing.

Our Games

Dice Duel

You and opponent roll 2-12 dice , highest roll wins (two six sided dice)

Black Jack

You against the dealer. Highest hand without going over 21 wins


Choose a number for 30x payout, or choose a color or a row, many options to win


Choose under 7 or over 7 correct to win 2x payout, or choose 7 correct and win 5x payout, (This game goes up to 30x payout)

Percentile Dice

54x2 , roll 54-100 and win, (Provably Fair System)

Death Match

(Fighting Simulator) You vs opponent, kill opponent and win

Hot/Cold Flowers

Choose whether next flower will be a hot (red, yellow, orange) or cold (blue, purple paste) choose correctly and win

Sports Betting

Message a rank the bet and amount, it's that simple


We will stake ingame for you on live stream

Game Flowers

we plant flowers in game over live stream


Free Fishing game to win hourly Prizes)

Slot Machine

Get 3 of a kind and win 35x payout

Card Duel

You and opponent draw a card, highest card wins

Bomb Defuse

choose wether to cut the red or blue wire choose correctly and win. Choose the wrong wire and blow up)

Loot Chests

Pick and chest and loot for great rewards